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View Full Version : Trying to decide on a Zune

03-30-2007, 04:13 PM
Hey, I'm new to the forums, my ipod just bit it and I'm pretty tired of ipod and itunes so I've been looking into other players, the Zune really jumped out at me but I had a few questions if anyone could answer them it would be great, I have to buy one in the next few days as I'm traveling to New Zealand on the 18th and need time to set it all up and such, but I need my music for the lonnggg flight. So if anyone could answer these it would be much appreciated.

1. I hear you have to connect your Zune to a computer ever so often or it won't play the songs? Is that only if you have the subscription? Or do you have to do it anyways?

2. If I rip a cd does it get cover art and such or only ones bought off of ZM?

3. Also do I have to keep all the music on my computer or can I pop it all on the Zune, delete it, and add more later? I don't really want to eat up 30gigs on my current computer, maybe once I get another desktop again.

4. I'm not the best with computers but I do pretty well, Ipod was so simple and yet so annoying, tell me your thoughts on the Zune, I've read tons of reviews, good and bad and I'm pretty sure I'm set on a Zune, however can you give me any views on it you have after having it a few months? Most of the reviews were before it was out or right as it came out, not months down the road.

Thanks in advance,