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View Full Version : Instant Messenger problem with Dial-up networking through bluetooth/cell phone

08-03-2006, 04:49 PM
Hey folks, i've recently been playing around with this combination and have gotten it to work easily. I currently dial-up using my Motorola RAZR connecting it to my Pocket PC via Bluetooth. Basically I can browse the internet and whatnot with no problems.

I have an HP Pocket PC 2003 Pro, not sure which model though, it says iPAQ on the bottom. It has Windows Mobile 2003.

Problem comes in when I try to use instant messaging programs (stuff like AIM 2.0 for pocket PC, IM+, and Agile Messenger) none of them connect, even though i'm connected to the internet. What gives? Is there a simple step or setting im missing?

Things I know that work already:

1) I've connected the Razr to a laptop before in the same way, and I was able to use AIM with no problem. So I don't think theres any limitations I can think of with the phone in using programs like that.
2) I've connected the Pocket PC via bluetooth to my computer, and got easy instant internet access that way with no problem.