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View Full Version : Zune Accessories 30% off at closing CompUSA

03-25-2007, 05:35 AM
I'm not sure what will be available at each store, and whether or not it applies to all the accessories, but tonight we stopped at one of the closing CompUSA's here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area just to see what they had. In browsing through the store I discovered that all the Zune accessories were 30% off. I picked up the car pack for $59.99 instead of the normal $79.99. This accessory comes with the FM transmitter and the car charger.

I ran a test with it tonight and it looks like it will work well. Initially, I couldn't get it to play on my radio, but after I decided to power cycle my Zune it worked like a champ. My guess is unplugging it from my dock and popping the transmitter on didn't make it a happy camper. For anyone else in the DFW area, it looks like 87.7 is a good setting.

I forgot to add, that I saw the Travel Pack, Home Audio Pack, Dock, AC Adapter, several cases, and a few others things I can't remember, at this store (Dallas North Tollway and Belt Line) on the 30% off shelves as well.