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View Full Version : Wish List for me - Perfect Computer System.

07-21-2006, 04:17 AM
I have been waiting for years for someone to come up s design like this.

Simply a box the size of a PC Card.
This card contains:
- The procesoor
- Base RAM memory
- Flash ROM containing the operating system
- Hard drive for storage
- All the additional hardware to handle the graphics, I/O and other standard functions.

Then the card in turn is inserted into a H/PC style unit that has the touch screen, keyboard and the various I/O ports. Basically an expansion box for the PC card. This provides the user interface to the PC card.

Then a laptop and also a desktop version of the same expansion box.

Basically a PC computer in a PC card with 3 different expansion system boxes to make it a desktop, laptop or PDA.

I have been dreaming about this for at least 5 years and will for another 5 years at least I think before something anywhere near this will be available.


07-22-2006, 06:13 AM
<harsh german accent>

Very Interestink!

</harsh german accent>

The vast majority of what we work with today will be as prevelant as pop machines, or as prevalent as phone booths used to be. Then we just stick the guts/brains into the hardware and we have our own personal environment! The only problems would be cases where someone has a favourite keyboard/monitor/mouse, and of course the fact that these machines would be used by the general public so they would tend to get crudded up pretty quickly, at least physically.

iirc I read or dreamt something about that a few years ago and it just seemed so logical.

Also, would the ram be on the device end or the terminal end? If the latter, I can see that being a limitation with the majority of today's public computers.