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View Full Version : Question re: Exchange acct, multiple POP accts, and multiple computers

07-16-2006, 08:48 AM
I just set up my dad's 4Smartphone account on his desktop and his laptop, as well as his two pop accounts on his desktop. The reasoning behind the pop accounts on only one machine is that they end up in the ost file and eventually on the server and then on the other machine. Would it really affect things too terribly negatively if I set up the two pop accounts on the laptop as well, since the email ends up in the ost anyway?

I was thinking of having him get a UPS for the desktop (the power isn't the most reliable utility here) and set up all the accounts to pull the email from the servers every x minutes, then when he connects to the Exchange server on the lappy, all the email would be there. But then it occurred to me that since both machines use the same Exchange account, all the mail on one will show up on the other, as long as they both have reasonably reliable Internet connections; so either machine downloading the email wouldn't affect the inbox on the other machine, at least after they've both done a server sync.