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View Full Version : Top-10 Windows Mobile devices in june (Pocket PC and Smartphones)

The PocketTV Team
07-03-2006, 06:26 AM
We have made the list of the top-10 Windows Mobile devices (http://forum.brighthand.com/showthread.php?p=1383151#post1383151) used by the ten's of thousands of people who downloaded our popular PocketTV Classic freeware in June 2006.

This is not the list of the top-10 in terms of number of units on the market, because the statistics indicate that Smartphone users are less likely to download third-part apps on their device, compared to Pocket PC users (who generally are more tech/savvy).

Nonetheless, the ranking is interesting, and is shows that all those devices are Phones except for the Dell Axim's.

The Motorola Q (Smartphone), #6 in the list, is climbing fast and may be at the top in a couple of months. The Dell Axim are clearly the most popular Pocket PC, and the HTC Wizard and Prophet are the most popular Pocket PC Phone.