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View Full Version : Pocket PC version of rheaDER PDA ebook reader released!

01-27-2006, 06:43 PM
GMPSoft (http://www.gmpsoft.com/) has announced the release of the first three titles from the best-selling Understanding God series by Tony Evans for Palm and Pocket PC PDAs.

Returning To Your First Love (http://www.gmpsoft.com/product.php?id=ebook_moody_rfl_ppc)
Our God is Awesome (http://www.gmpsoft.com/product.php?id=ebook_moody_oga_ppc)
God's Glorious Church (http://www.gmpsoft.com/product.php?id=ebook_moody_ggc_ppc)

Tony Evansí message for renewal of our urban communities through the church uses the medium of radio, PC software and now PDA software technology to educate people in ways to live the Christian life in the 21st century.

The ebooks are in PDA rheaDER (http://www.gmpsoft.com/product.php?id=rheader_ppc) format that provides not only excellent reading experience, but also allows instant lookup in the Bible and in multiple dictionaries.