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View Full Version : Claygun - an arcade-style shooting game for Pocket PC is out!

01-14-2006, 09:50 PM
We're glad to announce that our game - ClayGun is out.

http://www.claygun.com/images/screenshots/ss-2-08-1.jpg http://www.claygun.com/images/screenshots/ss-0-02-1.jpg
http://www.claygun.com/images/screenshots/ss-0-06-1.jpg http://www.claygun.com/images/screenshots/ss-3-10-1.jpg

You can download a playable demo and a movie trailer here

ClayGun is a score-based shooting game ("shootem'up").
It blends attractive graphics and sound, well-thought-out gameplay and fun story lines.

Our intention was to make the game easy to pick up and hard to master so it would be interesting and challenging for wide Pocket PC audience as well as for people used to play arcade-style shooting games like GigaWing, Dragonblaze, Ikaruga etc.

That's why we’ve employed 5 difficulty settings, player rank varying depending on player skills and a sophisticated scoring system.

The game is playable with either d-pad or stylus. However, to overcome some Pocket PC d-pad hardware limitations, the game play was designed and optimized to bring the most enjoyable experience if you control it with a stylus.

Game Features
A choice of 4 characters;
6 original levels (5 + 1 'secret' level) with enemies galore and hard hitting head honchos to take on;
5 difficulty settings and a player ranking system to automatically adjust the gameplay to the player skills.
A set of extra features like ability to save and reproduce replays, storyline and endings galleries and multiple endings for each character.

Device Compatibility:
ARM-compatible devices running Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE devices. Free Windows Mobile 5 update coming by the end of January 2006..