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View Full Version : FREE Pocket Theme Organizer

01-06-2006, 01:56 AM
FREE Desktop application for copying themes to your Pocket PC.



Pocket Theme Organizer is a very useful application for transferring Pocket PC Themes to your device. Users can select theme folders to open, or store all themes in the default folder "My Device Themes".

A preview is given for each theme, therefore making it easier to select which themes to copy to your device. You can also select which folder on your device you would like the themes copied to, with the default as "My Documents".

Pocket Theme Organizer also displays the connected device's Memory/Storage Information. As well as current battery status.


-When navigating through lots of themes, use the keyboard buttons "Backspace" - to delete a theme and "Enter" - to copy a theme.

-Store all themes in the "My Device Themes" in your My Documents folder, then you can navigate all themes a one time.

-If you are copying only a few themes, then renaming them will ensure that you find the ones you want on your device.

-keep watching your available Memory/Storage when copying lots of themes to main memory.


-Compatible with Windows Mobile 2002, 2003, 2003SE and 2005.

-Desktop - Users will need to install the .Net Framework if it is not already installed.

All Pocket PC Themes can be transferred using the application, but only certain themes/packs currently support previews.

Download Here (http://www.lymadesign.com/themecopy.htm)

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