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View Full Version : LingvoSoft Pocket PC Phrasebooks 2006: 8 new languages added

12-16-2005, 04:16 PM

Eight talking and eight non-talking a total of sixteen new titles, designed to give you the freedom of conversing in English, Bulgarian, Dutch, French, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, German and Polish. These applications carry our famous Quick Search and Learn functions, the traditional multilingual interface, while the talking items offer full voicing, for both the head and the target entries.

And for the first time ever, LingvoSoft PhraseBooks for Pocket PC now integrate with other LingvoSoft software, such as Dictionaries and FlashCards. (See the new FlashCards added in the Learning section)
If integrated, the three-piece suite of LingvoSoft PhraseBooks, Dictionaries and FlashCards will stand for nifty cross-referencing, amazing functionality, unmatched user-friendliness, and turn your Pocket PC into a versatile language learning resource.

To choose required language and download trial versions click here:

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