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View Full Version : "Factory Orbit" to be Released on Dec 16 at SteveJordanBooks.com

Steve Jordan
12-15-2005, 03:49 AM
Steve Jordan's latest novel, Factory Orbit, will be released on December 16 at www.SteveJordanBooks.com, for $2.50USD:

"Ted Canter responds to a job offer and ends up at the next stage of the Industrial Revolution: Living and working in orbit. And in the midst of his experiences as a space pioneer, he finds himself at a pivotal moment in history..."

Factory Orbit is the fourth novel released at SteveJordanBooks.com, including the critically-lauded Berserker, Robin, and The Onuissance Cells. Already available on the site is an extensive background on the novel Factory Orbit, including a FREE PDF document that outlines the orbital facility in the novel.

Users of PPCs and Smartphones can access a mobile-friendly version of the site at www.SteveJordanBooks.com/hand .