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View Full Version : SmartDjVu has been released

12-14-2005, 08:08 PM
SmartDjVu is a solution for maximum comfortable viewing and reading books and articles in DjVu format with regard to specificity of reading from the PDA: a small screen, limited controlling (you often have to have the device in one of your hands and control the process with the other one, the limited resources for the processor and memory throughput).


The basic difference between SmartDjVu and the other alternative programs is in the degree of comfort for reading books and articles with the help of the first one. Before on PDA you could comfortably view only books with mainly textual contents, i.e. fiction. But there were no programs for computer, technical and scientific literature that is often converted in pdf, ps, djvu formats. And when there were some programs for viewing pdf-files, it was almost impossible to those for viewing djvu-files.


High usability;
Comfort reading;
Low resource requirements;
Always at hand;
Displaying formulas and graphs;
Ideal for reading on the travelling;
No need to process files on the desktop.

Pictures displaying;
Quick screen drawing;
The pages randomizing;
The userís actions predicting;
Ample opportunities on setting controls up.

In the following versions (2.0 and later):
Text search;
Copying text or figures to a clipboard;
Making bookmarks and writing comments;
Independent scaling of a pageís elements;
Dividing the text with words for djvu-files where thereís no textual information.

You can download the demo version here - http://www.clickapps.com/download.htm?pvid=3543

The product page - http://www.inscenic.com/products/smartdjvu