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View Full Version : Egress-- Version 2.4.2 - Released 12-12-2005

Phillip Dyson
12-13-2005, 10:14 PM
Check out Egress RSS reader here (http://www.garishkernels.net/egress.html).

# Version 2.4.2 - Released 12-12-2005

* Significant improvements in web caching (speed and stability)
* Fix image display issues with OS's other than Windows Mobile 5
* Added explicit command to export the subscription list (.opml). You can still "export" the subscription list by simply copying the file myChannels.opml
* Added option to add item's link to IE favorites to item's tap-and-hold context menu
* Fixed missing display of update progress bar
* Added network status (connected/disconnected) to the About dialog
* Added message to indicate update not performed if no Internet connectivity and Automatically connect is disabled
* Fixes possible crash when parsing feed encoding
* Corrected feed icon display for "large" icons
* Help file now displayed after installation
* Fixed incompatibility with MagicButton and Manage Enclosures dialog