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View Full Version : SuperWaba VM 5.52 released

11-21-2005, 09:30 PM
SuperWaba is a VM for PDAs and Smartphones. Because of the way SuperWaba was written, you can use Java to develop for it. Can run in PalmOS, Symbian, Windows CE/PocketPC devices, Linux, and in Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, and is fully emulated under JDK and browser.
SuperWaba 5.5 relased October 3, 2005.

* new ARM VM for Palm OS 5 devices, leading to speed improvements from 10 to up to 40 times.
* SuperWaba now runs fine on Symbian 7.0s (Nokia 6600, etc).
* Synchronization API now ported to Pocket PC, using RAPI. The same API/program is used for both Palm OS and Pocket PC.
* Faster PDBDriver (version 3.0). Now it stores many database rows in a single pdb record. Added support for storage tables in the memory card of Palm OS.
* Added a complete Sales Force Automation sample (superwaba.samples.app.sales). With it you will learn the correct way to create SuperWaba programs.


Version 5.52 (released 18 Nov 2005): almost 40 bugs fixed