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View Full Version : Stanaphone is great!

11-16-2005, 09:23 AM
Stanaphone is great, I use it at home all the time. www.stanaphone.com

The only problem I have is that if I cradle and activesync my device it will stop working and give the following error message:


Service unavailable
Cannot resolve proxy name

I remember seeing an ip address conflict at some point but have not been able to reproduct that error.

This only happens when I cradle and activesync. It's a hassle because otherwise the phone auto shuts after 5 minutes and if I don't remember to turn off auto shut or tap on the screen my conversation will end. I also use pocket controller and would love to make and receive calls using the computer mouse and keyboard as opposed to disconecting from active sync and then taping with the stylus.

Thanks for listening.