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View Full Version : Sprite Backup Installation Issues!

11-13-2005, 07:05 PM
Hello All!

I am experiencing a strange and quite frustrating problem and I hope that someone may have a solution.

I recently had to hard-reset my PDA (an HP Ipaq 4150) and have tried at least 3 times to run the installation routine for Sprite Backup Pocket PC Edition 3.14 on my desktop and a laptop. Both machines are running XP Pro SP2 with all the latest updates from MS.

I had previously deleted the ActiveSync partnership from the desktop and also removed Sprite Backup from the PC before installing the most recent version. I rebooted the computer after the uninstall completed successfully.

This is what happens and I don’t understand why. I make sure my PDA is connected to my computer via ActiveSync (version 3.8 BTW). I run the installation routine for Sprite Backup on the desktop and it goes along as normal and says that it is configuring my new software installation. When it says that it is “Retrieving application data from the Device” the window disappears quickly and I am never prompted whether I want to “install the application to the default directory” or anything.

Sprite Backup does not show up in ActiveSync’s list of installed applications and it doesn’t show up on the device at all either. It also does not always show up in Add/Remove Programs on the desktop although I am told at the end that Sprite Backup has been installed successfully.

I downloaded the application from Handango.

I can install the app to my Ipaq 4150 successfully using the .cab file, but would like to occasionally make backups to my Desktop.

Is anyone experiencing similar issues with this release of Sprite Backup?
Any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated. I have never had any problems whatsoever installing this application in the past.

11-14-2005, 09:52 AM

try to recreate the partnership, I think ActiveSync is the weakest link here. I had something similar with my n35 before and redoing the partnership solved the issue.

As for Sprite Backup, I'm using it for a long time now. I had to hard reset recently, and I just discovered that my self-extracting backup files just won't work. It says I have installation problem or something. Additionaly, my scheduled backup is not working (file goes corrupt or there's not enough space) unless I soft reset before the scheduled backup starts (then why is it scheduled? :roll: ). Any ideas?

11-14-2005, 05:29 PM
Mr. E-

Thanks for the suggestion. I have already tried recreating the partnership and that didn't seem to matter.

I just received an email from Sprite support and this is what they had to say. "If you are having difficulty installing the software on your device I suggest you copy across the cab files from the installation folder.

The cab files are located in the installation folder of your PC (C:\Program Files\Sprite Software\Sprite Backup by default). The following cab files will place Sprite Backup and the Premium components on to your device;

Sprite Backup.PPC420_2577.cab
Space Detective.PPC420_2577.cab

Please use File Explorer on your device to locate and tap the file to install the software. If you encounter any further problems please contact me again."

I had already done the installation with the cab files so this is not really a solution to my problem. I think I will probably just cut my losses and reinstall using the .cab files since I typically backup to the SD card anyway.

As for your problem with the self-extracting backup files, what version of Sprite Backup are you using and have you performed a ROM update since you created those backups?

In looking at the product page for Sprite Backup I noticed one of the features of the latest version (3.14) is Device Upgrade Mode -
Safely restore across ROM upgrades or to different models of device.

I don't know if this was available in earlier versions, but that is a very nice feature if it works reliably. Has anyone tried to restore a backup to a different device altogether? And if so, how did it go?

12-01-2005, 06:18 PM
Well, after many emails back and forth with Sprite support and Handango, I was never able to get the installer to work properly on the desktop. I did receive a refund from Handango but it wasn't easy.

It did work on two other computers that I have here in the house, so there is definitely something on the desktop that seems to be cutting the installation routine short.

All other programs that I have installed through ActiveSync seem to work w/o a hitch.

I am happy that the .cab file works fine on the device and since I really don't back up to my desktop that often, it's not really a big deal.

I'm sure when I reload XP on this particular desktop in the future, that everything will work fine.

Thanks for the help!