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View Full Version : Mobitools - Essential tools for Pocket PC new v3.3 released!

10-26-2005, 04:12 PM
PPCLINK Mobile Software has just released Mobitools - Essential tools for Pocket PC version 3.3

Mobitools is a small application but includes rich features as: Power Off, Screen Off, Soft reset, Task manager, Battery & Memory status, Screen capture, Smart launcher, Quick cleaner, Access control panel components, CPU Controlling and quick access to best English dictionary.

The main changes in the new version are:

• Fully Compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0
• Support Square screen devices
• Pocket PC Screen capture
• Smart monitoring recent used applications
• Show tooltips of all controls in the menu
• Powerful launcher
• Screen Off
• Quick access to system settings
• Quick access to Lexisgoo English Dictionary
• Show recent used applications list
• Show most frequent used list
• Configurable main menu’s components

http://www.ppclink.com/mobitools/fullsize.gif http://www.ppclink.com/mobitools/mobi_s002.gif http://www.ppclink.com/mobitools/mobi_s005.gif

Please find more info about the program and upgrade offer at: Mobitools's homepage (http://www.ppclink.com/index.php?ppclink=product&do=view&id=4)

You can download 14-day full function trial version at the download page: Download page (http://www.ppclink.com/index.php?ppclink=product&do=view&id=4)