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View Full Version : calcPad - Next Generation Pocket Calculator

10-14-2005, 04:56 PM
Keep track of your calculations by simple structures.


Who regards the good old calculating machine as an indispensable tool for large calculation processes has to change his mind very soon.

If many positions are compiled, you may easily loose the track. "Which has been the last amount to sum up?"
When there is a typo too, the calculation is shortly corrupted and the result will be false.

This will change with calcPad by SFR.

Calculations are listed consecutively and simulate the paper tape of the well tried desk calculator that way.
Each calculation process may easily be followed and can be changed retroactively. The user can move comfortable through the calculation by scrolling and change the data - calcPad corrects its result immediately.

To grant even more overview calcPad does not solely understand to juggle large figures but can deal with words too.
Single positions may be annotated if desired and results may be summarized and analyzed in a paragraph.
This feature is especially advisable if calculations should be continued over a long period or if they contain many individual positions.

Who wants to list the monthly cost of his car for example, may easily add the amount of the last car fueling and sees immediately the current balance of cost.
Who adds the amount of liter and the petrol station in a comment now, additionally comes to know where the fuel has been the cheapest at the end of the month.

Calculations built by calcPad may be saved as text-files and may be printed with comments.
They may be used as patterns by simply changing the figures at the accordingly positions.

calcPad may be tested for 30 days without any constraints.
Afterwards a license is required which is available at the cost of $ 9.95.

Further information as well as the documentation is to be found at www.calcPad.de (http://www.calcpad.de).

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