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View Full Version : WayPoint GPS Pocket PC Sale

10-11-2005, 05:58 PM
You may know me as the Webmaster of Silicon Valley Pocket PC, but I also do some consulting for Everything Mobile (http://everything-mobile.com), a GPS store. Based on the success of our previous sale, we’re having another sale on the Mobile Crossing WayPoint Pocket PC GPS system, a product I use every day. This time, we have an online coupon that gives you $100 off either a WayPoint 100 or 200.

The WayPoints are designed primarily for GPS usage, but are still fully functional Pocket PCs. Both models have similar specifications, except where noted in the model descriptions below. The common specs include:

Intel 400 MHz XScale processor

Windows Mobile 2003 OS

64 MB RAM (41.68 MB available to the user, 20+ MB set aside to speed up map processing)

GPS software in ROM (so you never have to worry about a hard reset wiping out your software)

128 MB flash RAM built-in for map storage (so you never lose your maps)

All U.S. maps activated

USB desktop cradle with extra battery charging slot

A full in-car kit including an amplified GPS mount, cigarette lighter adapter and windshield suction arm

The software does everything you’d expect from good GPS navigation software — multiple destination types, moving maps, turn-by-turn directions, voice prompts, etc.

There are two models available:

The WayPoint 100 (http://everything-mobile.com/products/ccProdDetail.asp?itemno=360) includes a Compact Flash GPS card and sports a silver case with white accents. The sale price after the coupon is $419.99 (normally $519.99). If you order this, we’ll also throw in a free external antenna (regularly $24.99).

The WayPoint 200 (http://everything-mobile.com/products/ccProdDetail.asp?itemno=361) includes a Compact Flash Bluetooth card (usable in a laptop, too) and the award-winning (http://www.mobilecrossing.com/company/news.aspx#award) Mobile Crossing Bluetooth GPS receiver, one-year subscriptions to traffic and weather services and looks awesome in a dark blue case with black accents. The sale price is $549.99 (normally $649.99).

Plus, if you order using this promotion, we’ll preinstall the region containing your shipping address on the WayPoint (in addition to the nationwide major highway Long Haul region). If you’d prefer to specify the region you want, check out the list of regions (http://www.mobilecrossing.com/MapDownload.aspx) and let us know which one you want (call us at the number below and we’ll make sure it gets done).

As I said, I use a WayPoint 200 every day, and it works very well. If you have an older Pocket PC without GPS, or if you’re looking to get a GPS system for your car or a friend’s car, this is a great choice.

To order these and get the discount, just visit Everything Mobile (http://everything-mobile.com), add a WayPoint 100 or 200 to your cart, then use coupon code Pony100N during checkout. You can also call Everything Mobile at 1-866-680-2041 Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific time, and tell them Pony sent you. This offer is good through October 31.

NOTE: There will also be shipping charges, and orders shipped to California will also be charged 8.25% sales tax.

If you want more information about the WayPoint or this sale, please feel free to post here or call us at the number above.