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View Full Version : Case compatibility

03-01-2007, 08:15 PM
I bought the "Toughskin case" for my zune. This case is awesome and exactly <TT>the protection I wanted for the Zune. It fits it tightly and is not at all </TT><TT>bulky. The problem--my zune must be taken out of the case (a lot of trouble </TT><TT>and a big hassel) in order to use the zune home docking station or my zune </TT><TT>car trasmitter. Now, who wants to do that everytime????? If, on the </TT><TT>transmitter, they just made that metal plug a little longer-maybe an eighth</TT>
<TT>of an inch--then it would still fit into the zune while the zune is in the </TT><TT>case. The home docking station should have had the wider base (I even tried </TT><TT>taking out the insert) so that a zune in a case would fit it. </TT>
<TT>Does anybody </TT><TT>have any suggestions on what else may work? I found nothing on the zune </TT><TT>site to solve these issues or other accessories. I do not want to take the </TT><TT>zune out of the case as it is perfect for the protection I wanted. Thanks for</TT>
<TT>any ideas or help or zune compatible accessory suggestions that might work.</TT>
<TT>Update--Since this post, I took my Toughskin case to an old fashioned shoe repair shop. The owner used a sander with very fine paper and sanded the bottom of the Toughskin case thinner--he then cut out a little more around the insert. I can now use the Toughskin case with the Zune car tuner! However, it still will not fit in the docking station--I did not want to modify the case any further, as it would defeat the purpose of which I bought it--to have that extra protection. I hope they start making docking stations with larger openings that will accomodate Zune's in a case.</TT>

03-08-2007, 07:59 AM
I bought 4 or 5 cases before I found one that for now I am happy with.
Its from Belkin and is a bit bulky but does for me what I wanted.....Protects everything, and the Zune is very functional in the case.
But I found I have to take the Zune out of the case to download. Well not really but its a lot easier.....
Thankfully the Zune is almost scratch proof, so this is not really a big deal.
Had to laugh though, those with IPods, 15 mins out of the box and it looks beat up.

Jason Dunn
03-08-2007, 06:17 PM
Welcome to the Zune Thoughts forums Julia!

Regarding cases and docking stations, it's a problem that keeps going on and on and on. It happens with Pocket PCs, Smartphones, iPods, Zunes, and pretty much everything else under the sun. I don't know why, but these companies just never seem to make their docking stations to accommodate their device in a case.:mad:

03-25-2007, 05:45 AM
Seeing your topic here and having just purchased the Car Pack, I thought I'd try plugging in my transmitter while the Zune was in it's Vaja Balance case. Same problem Julia, the transmitter can't make enough contact to work. If you apply pressure to it, it will connect, but the minute you remove your hand it pops right out. :(