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View Full Version : Meeting Agenda and Minutes

09-28-2005, 03:26 AM
HI folks....

SOrry for the cross-post, not trying to offend anyone, but I thought I might have more success here than in the Palm --> ppc forum.

I have a new Axim and LOVING it! It is a beautiful thing.

I have found replacements for many of my favorite Palm programs, but I have yet to find a replacement for cyberling's 2Action Meeting.

Does anyone know of a similar ppc program that will allow:

- creation and editing of meetings on both desktop and ppc
- customizable templates for both agendas and minutes
- automatic emailing of minutes to attendees (preferably in HTML format, but word would do as well)

This is a beautiful, powerful program, and I am missing the customization features. I would be grateful if any of you ppc gurus have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance and cheers!


WHOOPS.....forgot to add......I have searched pocketgear and the 'net as a whole but am looking for recommendations. THe few I have thought might have the best potential are rated as 'clunky' and 'non-intuitive' by various users. I am looking for opinions on which ones people think are the best.

I did not want anyone to think I am posting without searching first.....