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View Full Version : Zune Software Install on Vista - A Bit Bumpy

Jason Dunn
02-27-2007, 05:00 PM
Now that I've got my machines all running Vista nice-and-pretty, I went to Zune.net and downloaded the Zune desktop software to install. I ran the installer and it said it was checking for a software update. I chuckled because of <em>course</em> I had the newest version, I just downloaded it right? Wrong. It found an update to the software and proceeded to download it. Why Zune.net wouldn't have had the most up to date version of the software is beyond me, but there you have it.<br /><br />After that, it proceeded to install, coming to the point where it says &quot;Scanning for Device&quot;. At that point I connected my Zune to this system for the first time, expecting it to be detected and go from there. The device was identified by Vista, and it said the drivers were installed successfully. The Zune software installer, however, didn't acknowledge that it was connected. The Zune is connected to the back of the PC, not through a hub. This is a very stock install of Vista Ultimate with only a handful of third party programs installed: SnagIt, AnyDVD, FolderShare, MediaMonkey, and Flash. That's it. So why would the software have so much trouble? I left it on the &quot;Searching for Device&quot; phase for about 20 minutes, then gave up. When I disconnected the Zune the software gave me a pop-up error message stating &quot;It is not possible to change the sync settings at this time. Please try again later.&quot; The software installer then said &quot;TypeError: Invalid procedure call or argument [Hint] GetDevice.&quot; Gee, that's user-friendly.<br /><br />At that point it continued onward and scanned my library. The process was a little slow, but then again it was scanning 15,500 pictures and a little over 15,000 songs. After the process finished I connected my Zune and created a new partnership with the software. Everything went smoothly, and my Zune is loaded up with music now. They still haven't added any sort of &quot;smart sync&quot; based on adding photos taken in the last 30 days for instance, but someday I hope they'll go that route.

Adam Krebs
02-28-2007, 05:50 PM
I'm pretty sure the installer file is just a downloader, and has nothing to do with Zune.net being up to date. It's annoying as hell, but it kinda makes sense. My two computers both run Zune. My sync computer is offline, and still running 1.1 (upgraded from 1.0 on the CD). My other computer is connected and running 1.2 (strangely I was able to update my firmware through guest sync... a good thing, I guess, but I wish the installer was built into the Zune's memory). I thought I was going to be smart and try copying the installer file from my internet-enabled computer, but I was shocked to find that I had to be connected.

Basically, it's like most of the other things with Zune. I hope they fix is quickly