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View Full Version : FM Receiver

03-30-2005, 09:03 PM
I have an Audiovox PPC-6600 I just want to know if there's a software that is an FM receiver without the need of an external card, since my PDa have an antenna.

03-30-2005, 10:28 PM
I'm no expert on this, but I'm guessing you'll need FM receiver hardware to receive the FM signals. The antenna on your device probably only works for the current wireless capabilities on the device (eg. wifi, bluetooth, cellular, etc.) It's more a hardware function than a software function. (For example, my iPAQ can receive 802.11b and bluetooth signals, but it doesn't receive FM.)

Don Tolson
03-30-2005, 11:29 PM
Yes, I believe you are right. Most FM tuner modules are based on Phase Locked Loop (PLL) technology which may be used within a Pocket PC for reception of wireless and bluetooth (I'm guessing), but wouldn't be tuned to the right frequencies. Typically, the range of tuning for PLL is fairly tight -- from the standpoint of what can be altered via software.