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View Full Version : creating Web content on pocket PC <pocketBlog> OfflineBlog -> Synchronisation

02-23-2005, 02:03 PM
Hi there Iam looking for solutions to blog from my Pocket PC.

I want to create content, which is inserted automaticaly into a mySQL db after the Pocket PC is inserted in the craddle.

I was searching through google and many software resources in the past two days, but without success in finding working solutions.

there is the Pocket PhpMyadmin (which costs a lot, and only works online), then there are many solutions, which need .NET services and mostly (as i understood it) MS SQL installed. then there is the http://pocketblog.com , but it Does not work. I can not get the VB runntime to work.

There is another APP called The Diarist, which provides some services, which also seems not to work, and are very basic ones also..


I Just want to lets say syncronize data which sits in a mysql db (on linux of course) so I need something which lets me import content from that db, change it, or create new content.
Just plain text would be enough, but if ther eis RichText editing provided it would be just perfect. The date of such an entry should be inserted automaticly.
I can adjust the interface where it connects to the db in PHP myself, but not write the code on the Pocket PC.

Maybe there is already something like that, or maybe someone is working on things like that...