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View Full Version : Software for a business traveller that doesn't use Outlook

02-22-2005, 02:49 AM
Hi, I thought I would ask the experts here, what kind of software there is out there to organize a business trip that doesn't have specific dates just general weeks and contacts to see in that area. I sold my second x50v to an x-palm user and he is having trouble figuring out how to sort out his trips and have the information connect with each other. example of a typical trip is ... Okanagan, week 1: 5 contacts there (and the contacts would show up under Okanagan) and then he would setup specific times and dates. Then on to ... say Prince George, and 10 contacts (with all their info.. phone, address, e-mail). I can figure out how to do it in Outlook, but he just has a hot-mail account, so he'd like something that he can organize on his desktop before he gets going, and just sync all the info over to the Dell.
Is Pocket Informant something that would do this... or is there something else that doesn't need Outlook?

Thanks for any help...