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View Full Version : Mitac 558 /Mitac PPC users - Anyone know how to boot into Bios? What keys to press?

08-07-2004, 06:01 AM
Hi. Does anyone know how to boot into the Bios on a Mitac 558, or any Mitac PPC ?
Specifically, what keys do you press?

Even though Mitac never has posted any update to the original Mitac 558 on their support site, I found a VERY nice technician with Mitac who was able to provide me with a newer rom image. Unfortunatley he didn't know the right keys to press on the PPC to load the bios, which has a builtin firmware upload utility. So I have this image but can't even get into the Bios to flash my PPC to the latest firmware :-(

Now the reason why I want to load this new firmware image so badly is that it has been reported (on translated PPC forums in Chinesse ) that this new rom speeds up the file system and other areas of the Pocket PC to areas almost equal to the 2210, and sometimes even outpacing the Asus BT 610!

This weak score with the original shipping rom was the major downside to the otherwise "ultimate" PPC (wifi, bt, cf, sd, cir, builtin usb) . Perhaps if we can get this new rom to load, this may bring new life to this passed over Pocket PC.

Also, if anyone speaks Chinesse, could you please go to the website mobile01.com, and into their forum section to post this question on the right keys to load the bios on the 558? They have a lot of 558 users/discussions from what I've read, as well as users who have used the latest rom, so perhaps they could help us. I tried to register to post my question, but they have some weird signup that asks for a email number - not email account - before you can register, yet if you try to register first you have to have this email number! It's a weird loop and I don't get it. To make maters worse, I am using bablefish to translate, so that just makes things even less accurate.

Could anyone help?