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View Full Version : Help with Microsoft Money 2004 and iPAQ

Jeff Song
07-24-2004, 06:32 AM
i just got a new Dell Inspiron 8600, and i love it so far :) I am in the process of setting it up, and have moved on to getting the PPC situated with its new best friend :D

Now, I am trying to sync MS Money 2004 with the notebook. I already have a bunch of transactions on my iPAQ, but for some reason, i can't get them to sync with the notebook. I see MS Money Data in activesync, and it tries to sync. However, it won't actually sync any accounts, transactions, payess, etc. Does anyone know how to help me out? To avoid any confusion, the laptop is brand new, and all of my data is stored on the PPC. I didn't sync this data with my previous computer b/c i never got an upgrade for Money to 2004 until now with the new Dell. Thanks everyone!

Zack Mahdavi
07-25-2004, 06:24 AM
I'm thinking the problem is that the Pocket PC MS Money version isn't compatible with Money 2004. Microsoft introduced a separate PPC Money program for the Pocket PC when Money 2004 was introduced. Also, since you've never synced a real money file with your Pocket PC before, the conduit might be confused as to what MS Money file to apply the changes to.

My current thinking is that you should try using an older version of Money (MS Money 2003 possibly) if you can get your hands on a copy. Otherwise, I think you might have to just manually enter the data. :(

07-26-2004, 06:20 PM
What version of MS Money are you running on your iPAQ? Is it the PPC version that comes with Money 2004 desktop? If not, you may want to upgrade your IPAQ money first. You should have a directory under the Money 2004 directory that says PPC Money or something like that. Also, if you just got the Dell, have you set up your accounts and such on the desktop version of Money? Perhaps you could go through a basic setup (adding an account), then try synchronizing.

I had to go through this once before when using Money2002 on my iPAQ, then started using money on my laptop. As I recall, I had to install Money on the desktop. Go through the basic tutorial on the desktop. Then install Money on the IPAQ to get it into ActiveSync. Then synchronize to get the data over.