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View Full Version : Zune Media Controller

01-08-2007, 12:18 AM
Fore score and once upon a time. I was hanging out with a couple friends playing poker with music blaring from my stereo. Jamming to the latest billboard hits via the Zune marketplace I inquired if anyone has heard the latest from the new hit band Play It Loudly, not knowing what I was talking about I quickly picked up my Zune and put it on. Controlling the volume via my wireless device I was sure to let the neighbors hear it. Everyone amazed of the ease I explained how the Zune was networked to my Stereo, computer and Xbox via the WIFI. I could even play the video thorough the 360, if it were turned on of course. Soon after letting everyone choose from thousands of songs to make a play list that would last through the night I received an email from my stock broker informing me to sell sell sell, my apple stock. “Microsoft has just networked the entire audio, video, and Outlook through their simple little Zune device.” I already knew it was my idea. Lol

As far fetched this may be how easy could it be to control everything dealing with your home theater and email via the Zune. For God sake it has WIFI, let me change my music on my stereo even if I have to run RCA cables from my PC to an input. Let me receive emails from my POP3, via Outlook. Let me play a DVD a friend shared with me through my Xbox360. All without a hardwire connecting it to anything, that’s innovation. That could be the future of Zune. 1/7/2007 6:02 PM I claim exclusive rights to these ideas, for they are marketable and I know this Man!