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View Full Version : Can't function like this!

01-20-2004, 05:27 PM
Okay I need some help and I don't know if this is just Ipaq 2215 related or not so Idecided to post this here first.

I setup my IPAQ and it was running like a champ until about 1 week ago. ALl of a sudden all the time in the start bar at the top there are 2 arrows with broken lines with a X in the bottom right hand corner (this is located right next to the speaker icon).

Now I do have bluetooth Activesync and internet connectivty setup on this handheld device but I have bluetooth turned off 95% of the time.

The problem is not that this broken arrow icon pops up as the Big Unable to connect using modem ballon with a bunch of information about setting up to connect to the ISP via modem.

1) I have not installed a modem.
2) I don't own a modem.
3) I don't see any way of disabling this little ballon from popping up.

The kicker is whatever app I am in loses all functionality with stylus presses until I save it. close out of the program and renter the program (just to have this stupid ballon pop up 15 minutes later and have to do it all over again)

Has anyone seen this?
Is there a way to keep the "ballons" from interfereing with my work?
Is there a way to get rid of that disconnected symbo easily?

Chris Spera
01-20-2004, 05:49 PM
Yes... all is well. Not to worry. Your iPAQ is not busted. Your baby is fine. :D

Since you have a connection with your PC via wireless connection, Inbox is synchronized with your PPC whether you like it or not. Headers come over to the device unless you have the service unselected on desktop ActiveSync, and have no Accounts set up.

What you've got, is a failure to c'mmun'cate (sorry... couldn't help it. Any Cool Hand Luke fans out there will understand... :lol: )

Anyway, with Wi-Fi or BlueTooth OFF and your PPC disconnected from the ActiveSync, open Inbox, tap Tools--Options. On the Accounts tab, tap your default Account (the one that has the * next to it). This will bring up the settings dialogs for that account. Tap "Next" 3 times to get to the Server Information dialog (e-Mail Setup 4/4) and tap the Options button.

Please make sure you UNCHECK the box labeld "Connect and check for messages every:". This is the option that is causing your device to turn on the Bluetooth radio and try to connect to your desktop PC.

I would recommend that you do this for every e-Mail account you have set up on your device. This will require you to check mail manually when you are connected to your desktop PC via Bluetooth, but at least it will kill the annoying Cannot Connect balloons that almost drove me nuts too!

Kind Regards,

Christopher Spera

01-20-2004, 09:11 PM
I have no email account setup on the Pocket Pc itself I only have it set to "sync" with my Laptop. I just checked my accounts and it shows empty.