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View Full Version : ckdWallet - Ideal for people moving to PPC from PalmOS and SplashID

01-17-2004, 06:16 PM
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ckdWallet is an application that can be used to store your confidential information using 256-bit encryption. There is both a Windows desktop version and a PocketPC version. These versions are able to synchronize their data on a record-level basis. This means that you can modify your data on both versions of the application, and have both sets of changes synchronized.

Here are some of the key features of the application:

- Uses 256-bit, TwoFish encryption.
- Microsoft Windows desktop version.
- Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003/PocketPC version.
- Ability to add and edit categories
- Record-level synchronization to allow you to change your data on both your desktop and PDA without having to synchronize between changes (if you change the same record in both places, the desktop version will take precedence)
-Ability to import your data from CSV (comma-separated files). Ideal for users moving from SplashID on PalmOS.

See http://www.CKDSoftware.com/ckdWallet