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View Full Version : h2215 IR angle expander

Robb Bates
01-16-2004, 10:45 PM
Here's a thought:

After playing with Nevo on my h2215, I got a bit annoyed with the tight angle on the IR transmitter. You have to point it right at the device you want to operate and not just in the general direction like you can with most universal remotes.

What do you think it would take to expand the transmitter angle?

I think one of the stick on rubber bumpers would do the trick. Ya know what I mean? Those clear rubber stick on feet use can peel off and put on the bottom of whatever to keep it from sliding around and geting scratched up. You would have to get ones that are semi-spherical and not the cylindrical or square ones. It should act like a lens and disperse the IR in a wider angle.

Any thoughts or other ideas? Or am I just crazy?


the sneak
01-17-2004, 05:01 PM
Make sure the glue is clear enough to get a signal through... :oops:

01-19-2004, 11:55 PM
I don't think that would help. It would probably distort the signal too much. They are not optically correct enough.

But I would give it a try, you never know.

I currently build the exact(not the same, but close) type of sensor the 2215 uses and we go through great challenges attempting to place lenses on the sensors to meet specific customer needs.

Also, check to make sure that the lens for the sensor is not built into the plastic of the device. If it is, I don't think that the clear bumper would work at all.