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View Full Version : ANN: ScaryBear Software releases CheckNofications version 1.9

01-16-2004, 05:04 PM
ScaryBear Software has just updated the CheckNotifications utility for the Mobile 2003 OS devices with the following changes:

- Re-wrote portions of the code to help avoid the continous spinning
hourglass issue. This was caused by possible out-of-memory
conditions, which is hopefully corrected now. Also added more
memory error checking messages.

- Added a progress window that will be displayed when the program
reads events from the system, clears them, or writes them to a
log file. This will give a better indication if the program is actually
working or if it is hung up.

- Corrected some issues with removing duplicate events from the

- Added a "Refresh" button to the menu bar to refresh the events
on the screen.

You can download this free utility from our web site at www.scarybearsoftware.com . Detalis regarding the function of this utility can also be found on our web site.


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