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View Full Version : Bluetooth Active Sync issues! help

01-15-2004, 03:35 AM
Okay this is really just annoying me to all end. I have an IPAQ 2215 that comes with integrated Bluetooth. I got a generic 10m bluetooth adapter free from my friend (he just got a 100m and handed his 10m to me to try it ) I want to buy a 100m eventually but not before I figure out WHY what I am doing is not working.

I setup my pared devices and I am able to both internet surf and sync with my Bluetooth device. What happens though is when I try to tranfer large files (200+ megs) after appx 80 to 100 megs the tranfer just dies and the connection is "lost". I can't give an exact time frame.

Now I hooked up my USB cradle and bam it transfered the same file with no problem at all.

Here is my setup bluetooth enables device manager has a Active Sync setup and an internet setup both devices the PC with the bluetooth and the Ipaq have been paired, both communicate fine, and connectivity gets lost.

Please do not reply back with a range solution because I left the Ipaq right next to my PC for 3 hours trying to tranfer 1 200+ file with it bombing out at least 5 times.

Anyone know a way to test the bluetooth portion of the IPAQ? also how do you test 2 bluetooth devices for without 1 known good source. (Though I doubt my friend would have given me something that did not work right)

01-15-2004, 05:28 AM
Dont fret,

I have the same problems. It is the bluetooth technology, its flakey and it isnt very good.

I have the same problems, the connection looses on big files, I thought that it "overloaded", but that was false according to someone on PPCT.

Bluetooth is promising, but isnt prime. Dont bother getting 100m, your ipaq is Class 2, only enabling it to go 10m. You have to send and recieve KBs on your ipaq, its max range is 10m.