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View Full Version : CF vs. SD for Speed of Use… your input….

01-09-2004, 05:26 AM
I am moving from a Jornada 568 to iPAQ 4100.. I have in the past pushed as much data and application installations to the CF as I could to keep that ram free…

I took the same approach on the iPAQ and am disappointed with the speed of operation! I have a few eVB applications that use ADO and to an Access database and when installed on the SD they are SLOWER than the old Jornada with them on the CF!

When I move the same applications and databases to the RAM on the 4100, they way out-perform the Jornada…

What gives? I though that SD was supposed to be faster than CF?? The SD in question is a Kingston 512 MB and the CF was a ‘ANMO’ 256MB…

Do I have something wrong, or does CF out-perform SD in the real world by a large margin? What are you seeing?