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View Full Version : Stocks And Weather Today Version 5.01 now Available

01-02-2004, 11:17 PM
Stocks and Weather Today, Version 5.01 is now available. This is a major upgrade to our previous version 4.xx release. Among other enhancements, you now get the local time for the city you are tracking.

As in the past, this upgrade is a FREE :lol: upgrade to all previous users.

Stocks and Weather Today's home page is at www.StocksAndWeatherToday.com

Version 5.01 has the following capapbilities:

Display current weather for up to 6 cities (both US and non US cities are supported).
City can be entered either by name (e.g., Denver, CO) or by zip code (e.g., 80234)
Display forecast for those cities
Display hazardous weather alerts for those cities (US only)
Display current time for those cities
An option to change the theme which matches the weather outside.
Track up to 60 stocks
Set alerts on stocks you are tracking.
Control how much Today screen real estate is used

There are several licensing options.
1. Stocks only ($14.95)
2. Weather only ($9.95)
3. Weather Theme Registration Key($4.95 (need Weather Only License))
4. Stocks and Weather (with 100 themes): $17.95

100 weather related themes are available for free at our web site. However, in order to use them in the application you must purchase Stocks and Weather Today OR Weather Today and the Weather Theme Registration Key.

Here is a sample screen shot.