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View Full Version : Odd Alert Message on 5555

12-30-2003, 05:04 AM
In what appears to be occuring randomly, I receive the following alert message "Pocket PC Networking: !Unable to obtain a server-assigned IP address. Try again later or enter an IP address in network settings.

Anyone seen this message?

01-01-2004, 10:17 AM
It sounds like your network setup on your 5555 is configured with the "Use server assigned IP address" rather than a specific IP address. Are you using your WiFi capabilities on the unit? If so, do you have a server or Firewall/Router (Like a LinkSys or something similar) that has DHCP configured on it? If not, that might explain the message. If so, have you recently replaced them with another system? Assuming the setting I mentioned above, your iPAQ is looking for a DHCP server to "lease" it an IP address so that it can communicate. If there is no DHCP server available it will fail and generate a message like this letting you know it couldn't get an IP address thereby preventing you from connecting to the web, your server etc.

If you're not using your WiFi capabilities and all of the above sounds alien to you, then it may be that your 5555's WiFi radio is on and it's trying to find a DHCP server by default so turning off your WiFi's radio should eliminate the message. If you do want to use your WiFi capabilities then you'll either need to setup a DHCP server or set your 5555's network interface to "Use specific IP address" and assign it a free one in your networks range.