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View Full Version : Pocket SpamFilter new version 1.4 is out (20% xmas discount)

12-22-2003, 05:05 PM
Get Pocket SpamFilter for only 15.96 US$ (12.91). 20% xmas discount :) .
Offer is valid only between 23rd December 2003 and 4th January 2004


Pocket SpamFilter

Pocket SpamFilter is Pocket PC 2002/Windows mobile 2003 application that helps you keep your email account free of spam. Reduce your bandwidth usage by inspecting your email account before downloading.

New features in version 1.4
- Email multiselect (perform actions on more than one email at the same time)
- Pocket SpamFilter starts faster
- 400 new filters and 9000 new blacklisted domains
- Internal improvements

- Support for unlimited number of POP3 email accounts
- Download info only, headers, headers + lines or complete message body
- Delete emails without downloading them
- Powerful and simple filter creation (http://www.pocketpcsoft.com/createfilter.html)
- Filter on any part of message (supports string search, regular expression and wildcards)
- Filter by friends/spammers emails or domains
- Filter by senders country
- Hundreds of predefined filters and blacklisted domains included

Download for PPC2002: http://www.pocketpcsoft.com/SpamFilterSetupPPC2002.exe
Download for PPC2003: http://www.pocketpcsoft.com/SpamFilterSetupPPC2003.exe
[email protected]

http://www.pocketpcsoft.com/spamfilter.gif http://www.pocketpcsoft.com/filters.gif

http://www.pocketpcsoft.com/countries.gif http://www.pocketpcsoft.com/createfilter.gif