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View Full Version : PocketTools v4.0 for PocketPC2002 and Windows Mobile 2003

12-21-2003, 12:44 AM
Product Description:
PocketTools is a complete and essential monitoring tool for Microsoft Windows CE-based Pocket PC devices. The new Version 4.0 PocketTools offers a new look and feel and provides an easy way to monitor and retrieve information from your device.

Full-featured PocketTools V4.0 is designed to:
- Provides more information on your device including Current display and memory settings , System folders path, Auto-start programs, Task-switch list, etc;
- Monitors in real time the usage of Program memory, Storage memory, Network, and Power status;
- Monitor and manipulate all running Processes in your device with Task Manager;
- Provides all Internal and External storage card information;
- Provides information on all built in and plug & play Hardware devices installed on the device;
- Display information on all DLLs, Installed software, Registered ActiveX Controls, Media files (Customizable) , and Databases;
- Displays information on all Executable files stored on the device;
- Monitor current Network settings and activity;
- Monitor and manipulate the Temporary Internet Files, History, Cookies, and Address History;
- Provides a user friendly interface to improve the products usability;
- Save device information to HTML and XML formatted files which can be viewed or printed through Pocket PC Internet Explorer or desktop Windows Internet Explorer.

- Screen shot (http://www.citadeldevelopment.com/graphics/ptools4ani.gif)

- Product URL (http://www.citadeldevelopment.com/products/ptools.aspx)