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View Full Version : Maddeningly Unresponsive User Interface?

01-04-2007, 08:58 PM
Hello, I have been looking around the internet for reviews, and I have not yet seen any mention of the UI frequently freezing for several seconds whenever any songs are downloading. I started to wonder if this was only happening on my PC, because it is so frustrating I don't see how anybody could overlook it.

If any songs are downloading, every few seconds the whole UI completely freezes for a few seconds, and then revives for a few seconds. I used to have similar trouble with Napster, and I was hoping more than anything else that Zune software wouldn't suffer from this. But instead, it is much worse!

For me, this makes it almost impossible to use. I have to download an album, then leave it alone until it is done before browsing further (boring). Is it just my machine or perhaps my internet connection? Does anybody else experience this?