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View Full Version : StartUI - password enhancement

12-08-2003, 07:03 PM
StartUI is a password enhancement. The program footprint is just 83Kb only. The application uses the existing password settings after the installation.

The password screen display the time, a calendar, battery status and the memory status of your PocketPC. The calendar is monthly and you can go forward and go backward. System status is shown by displaying memory and battery power status. A reset button and shutdown button provides conventient if the case does not have a hole to reset.

In the settings, you can set your password, select your favourite skin, change the icons, change the fonts of the password screen. The PocketPC can be locked automatically after a user set time of inactivity. StartUI allows you to set locking anywhere from one-minute to 1 day of inactivity.

An application is developed to display the password dialog. In other words, you can lock your pocketpc anytime you want by StartUI without reset / power-off and power-on