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View Full Version : MultiIE 3.0 updated for Ipaq 41xx devices

12-01-2003, 10:15 PM
1 Dec 2003: Southway Corporation Ltd is very pleased to announce the release of MultiIE 3.0-d52. This minor update is for compatability with HP Ipaq 41xx and other newer devices based on the latest OEM revision of WM2003 prem.

The complete list of changes since the 3.0-d50 release were:

- Support for latest WM2003 Prem edition (Ipaq 41xx, etc)
- Bug fix to context menu that stopped selection of existing PIE options
- Fixed URL to Skweezer on help page
- Added new sound effect for page loaded event
- Ask to disable MultiIE from starting by holding stylus against screen during reboot
The latest release is available for a 15 day trial at:

http://www.multiie.info (http://www.southwaycorp.net)

If you have already installed the previous version your trial period will automatically be extended by another 15 days.