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View Full Version : dotPocket v2.1 release supports Windows Mobile 2003!

11-27-2003, 11:58 AM
dotPocket v2.1 release supports Windows Mobile 2003!

The dotPocket is easy-to-use tool that allows extending the visual capabilities of your Pocket PC and integrating it with your desktop system http://www.dotpocket.com

With dotPocket you can switch video modes on Pocket PC just like you do on your Windows desktop. You can even choose between portrait and landscape orientation.
When you are at work or at home you can use the Pocket PC remote control component to work with your PDA using regular PC environment such as keyboard or mouse, which is more efficient and convenient. When you don't have a PC at hand, still you have all the benefits of high quality video driver optimizing your Pocket PC screen resolution.

dotPocket features summary:

Advanced Video Driver:

Custom display resolution up to 2000x2000
Support for portrait and landscape screen orientation
Easy switching between video modes
Zooming and panning options
Intuitive one button zoom control
Hardware button mapping for easy applications access and control

Remote Control Application:

PDA remote control via regular connection options: Ethernet, COM, USB

Very attempting that you can download the 30 days evaluation version of dotPocket from this site http://www.dotpocket.com/download.html During this time it will be fully functional on your system, so you will be able to try all its features for free.