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View Full Version : RELEASED: Cavics Engine + FREE addon pack

11-21-2003, 02:42 PM
You can find the cavics engine for pocket pc at pocketgear at http://www.pocketgear.com/software_detail.asp?id=12016
and for smartphone at http://www.smartphone.net/software_detail.asp?id=289

This powerful games engine is able to play different kind of 2D scrolling games. For only $9.99 you will get the engine and be able to play thousands of classic levels and addon games for FREE.
FREE addon level packs, FREE addon games, FREE upgrades.

FREE Released Games
Currently the following free games can be played with the full version of the cavics engine :

Cave Adventures: Collect all the gold and find the exit, beware of rocks,flies and bugs. Teleporters, keys, switches, pipes, fungus and much more will keep you hooked to this classic.
Soko World: With 1000 levels this block pushing game will keep you busy for hours.
Yellow Man: Guide your yellow man through the classic mazes and collect all the dots but beware of the ghosts! 30 Levels of action.
Sea Mines: Sail with your ship through the ocean and collect all the treasures. Beware of the sea mines lurking in the water. Use your brain and avoid the mines.

FREE Addon Packs Released

Classic Caves: 600 Cave adventure style levels !