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View Full Version : Transplant GPS Introduces Three New Products

Jason Dunn
11-20-2003, 01:02 AM
<div class='os_post_top_link'><a href='http://www.transplantcomputing.com/index.html' target='_blank'>http://www.transplantcomputing.com/index.html</a><br /><br /></div>"ROCHESTER, MINN.--Transplant GPS has introduced three new products that easily turn PDAs -- and sometime laptops -- into either a battery-saving GPS unit, "speaking" navigation device or wireless unit that simultaneously connects to two other devices. The products are ideal for GPS and PDA enthusiasts, whether they're travelers, salespeople, hikers, boaters, snowmobilers, foresters, surveyors or others.<br /><br />1. Updated Compact Flash GPS Receiver, "CF Primum," turns any PDA or laptop into a GPS. The new CF Primum uses 44 percent less PDA or laptop battery power than earlier versions, has nearly 25 percent better satellite reception and a new slimmer, more durable design. $159.99 plus shipping. <br /><br />2. New Emtac Voice Navigator for Palm OSā, one of the market's first products to allow complete voice navigation with a Palm OSā PDA with Bluetooth connectivity. Drivers don't have to compromise driving safety by looking at paper maps or in-car navigation systems - Transplant's Emtac Voice Navigator on a PDA links to satellites to give precise, audible voice directions. Comparable to in-car navigation systems, but much less expensive and more portable. $349.99 plus shipping.<br /><br />3. New Emtac Bluetooth "Trine" GPS Receiver with a replaceable 10-hour battery and the ability to wirelessly and simultaneously link to three other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as PDAs, laptops and mobile telephones. Earlier versions of Transplant's Bluetooth GPS receiver featured a six-hour battery and could only wirelessly link to one other device. $349.99 + shipping.<!><br /><br /><b>MORE DETAILED PRODUCT INFOMATION: </b><br /> <br />CF Primum GPS Receiver - $159.99 plus shipping<br /><br />This low-power GPS receiver turns PDAs and laptop computers into a GPS without draining batteries. The new CF Primum GPS features an updated, sleek-looking housing that's easier to grasp and offers more efficient - and precise - satellite reception. The CF Primum uses half the power of earlier Transplant CF GPS versions (160 milliamps down to 90 milliamps), which means longer PDA battery life. The updated CF Primum also offers nearly 25 percent better satellite reception and Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), providing higher accuracy -- just 1-2 meters rather than 6-7 meters. The unit features a slimmer, more durable Type-II compact flash card that slides into the PDA or laptop. Standard GPS devices with similar offerings cost considerably more. Compatible with all GPS mapping software that accepts industry standard NMEA input.<br /><br />Emtac Voice GPS Navigator for Palm OSā - $349.99 plus shipping<br /><br />The Emtac Navigator is one of the first to feature voice-activated street mapping for the popular Palm OSā handhelds (more than 30 million Palm OSā handhelds on the market today). Transplant's Emtac Navigator turns the Bluetooth-enabled Palm OSā handheld into a voice-activated GPS navigation system that helps eliminate the risk of accidents from peering at maps or in-car navigation systems. Transplant's Emtac Navigator lets drivers watch the road while telling them where to go: "In 300 yards, turn left. In one mile, turn right." If drivers make a wrong turn, the system automatically will re-route them to their destination. Comparable in-car navigation systems cost up to $3,500.<br /><br />Emtac Bluetooth "Trine" GPS Receiver - $349.99 plus shipping<br /><br />Transplant's Emtac Bluetooth Trine GPS Receiver boasts two new features: the ability to wirelessly connect to two additional GPSs or computers, and a longer-lasting removable lithium battery. In as quickly as five seconds, Transplant's Trine receiver can simultaneously connect two additional devices and share real-time GPS information. Ideal for pilots, scientists, foresters and more. In addition, the Trine features a new, removable 1,000 milliamp lithium battery that ensures at least 10 hours of receiver use -- four more hours than earlier versions. And for those long trips, users can carry a spare battery and pop it in when needed. <br /><br />Transplant GPS, established in 2000, is a leading provider of portable GPS device solutions - from Compact Flash cards that turn a PDA or laptop into a GPS, to Bluetooth GPS receivers. Transplant GPS customers are found in a variety of industries, including transportation, precision farming, mining and forestry management. For more information, call 507-529-0041 or visit <a href="www.transplantgps.com">www.transplantgps.com</a>.