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View Full Version : Bug Jr. Systems Online SMS Database - Beta Testers Wanted

Jon Westfall
10-26-2003, 07:37 AM

My company, Bug Jr. Systems, is developing an online SMS database system. Basically, it allows you to store names/numbers of your friends and have 1 unified online space to send messages from (instead of having to visit multiple sites (i.e. t-mobile.com, cingular.com). It only has american providers in now, but we'll try to add more as soon as possible.

I need beta testers who are willing to try out the system, and submit bugs, comments, complaints, and requests. I know it probably won't look pretty on pocket pc, but would like to hear how it looks, as we try to develop a more pocket pc friendly version.

If you're interested, visit http://bugjr.com/makeaccount.php to create a MyBJS login, from there you can access the SMS database and get started. Any complaints, comments, bugs, and requests should be emailed using the email form located at the site (Select "SMS Database Beta" as the recipient). If you want a direct link, its http://bugjr.com/email.php

Thanks everyone, I look forward to hearing your input!

P.S. Those who participate in the beta test here will receive, as payment, the removal of the "Sent for free from bugjr.com" at the end of their messages once the system moves into production-level. To claim this, you must submit at least one thing through the email form, and identify yourself as a thoughts reader.