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View Full Version : Introducing PPX Application Navigator

10-25-2003, 04:12 AM
Introducing PPX Application Navigator

The PPX Application Navigator is a convenient way to browse folders, programs and the My Documents folder on your Pocket PC 2000 (ARM) Pocket PC2002 (ARM, XScale) and Windows Mobile 2003 (XScale) device. The PPX Application Navigator presents the user with an interface that is both pleasing to the eye and yet more functional than the stock Programs functions programmed into Pocket PC devices.

Enhanced features include:
Browse Back button: How many times in the stock Programs application have you opened a folder, only to dicover that the program you wanted wasn't in that folder? What do you do? The only option is to "Ok" it and fall back to the Programs application. With the PPX Application Navigator, a simple tap of the back button takes you up one level in the folder hierarchy for true navigational ability.

Background Graphic:
Tired of looking at a boring white background? Apply a graphic that is to your liking and it will be displayed as the background of the launcher. Decide you don't like it and you can simply change it with a few taps.

Custom Folder Icons:
Want the Windows directory folder to appear different? How about the My Documents folder or the Storage Card? Design your own folder icons to suit your own tastes. It's as simple to do as opening paintbrush and drawing them.

Change Icon Sets:
Want to use a different set of Icons? As long as you already have another set of PPX compliant icons on your PPC (the default install comes with several complete sets), changing the appearance of the Icons is a snap.

Connect your Pocket PC to your desktop via ActiveSync. Execute the Setup.exe that came in the zipped download file. The setup will invoke the ActiveSync installer. Follow the onscreen instructions.

PPX Application Navigator is available free of charge from our website. Please feel free to drop by and pick up your copy today.
Main site: http://www.ppx3k.com
Direct download page: PPX Application Navigator (http://www.ppx3k.com/index.php?op=description&id=563)
Manual: Online (http://www.ppx3k.com/index.php?page=ppxappnav-manual)

Here are some screenshots:

http://www.ppx3k.com/ppxlite/ppxlb_folders4.jpg http://www.ppx3k.com/Forum/attachments/bgblackglass.gif
http://www.ppx3k.com/ppxlite/ppxlargeicons_final2.jpg http://www.ppx3k.com/ppxlite/ppxlb_iconsets.jpg