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View Full Version : Syncalot content syncing solution.

10-21-2003, 03:16 AM
PDA Formatted Web Sites Sought for New Content Delivery System by Syncalot.com

Syncalot is a new Web to PDA syncing solution for Pocket PC and Palm Pilot users and is a content delivery system for PDA formatted web sites. Syncalot is currently seeking PDA formatted web site submissions to add to its growing database of sites. Webmasters, marketers, and site administrators of web sites with PDA friendly versions are encouraged to add their site to the channels of web sites supported by Syncalot, thereby allowing their web content to be delivered and synchronized on user selected channels daily.

Once you list your web site on our system, users can add your channel (the PDA version of your site) to their preferences and sync your content daily to their PDAs. This system works with most Pocket PC's and Palm Pilot Devices available on the market.

Syncalot was developed to answer the needs of webmasters who want to build PDA formatted sites but didn't have content delivery method available to them. Syncalot is an all in one system based upon several technologies developed by us to help you bring this dream to reality. Combine the ability to create PDA friendly sites and the content delivery mechanism to reach millions of customers and you have a winning solution.

Webmasters can also take full advantage of our custom software client that allows them to show images in slide show fashion have access to a complete shopping cart system and much more.

To add your PDA formatted web site to the Syncalot network or to request more information about Syncalot please email [email protected] or complete the submission form found at http://www.syncalot.com/developer/index.php.

What is Syncalot?
Syncalot allows the syncing of web content and rich media types such has audio, video, flash and much more. Over the past few years more and more webmasters have been converting their content to be displayed on PDA devices.

Due to the lack of global wireless Internet connectivity without expensive monthly subscriptions and hardware costs, most PDA users have found that synchronizing their PDA with the daily online content of their favorite sites, allows the user to store and browse the site at any time, anywhere.

Once the user syncs his PDA with his computer our software grabs the current version of your site and stores it on the end users PDA, next time the user launch's our application they can view your site along with others they have chosen on our custom PDA client.

Syncalot is the bridge between the mobile PDA user without wireless internet access and the PDA formatted web sites that are available to these Pocket PC and Palm Pilot users. Syncalot makes this a snap with its custom software. If you do not have a PDA formatted version of your web site yet, Syncalot has a created a developers section to help you build your own PDA formatted web site found at http://www.syncalot.com/developer/index.php.

URL to Associate with this release: http://www.syncalot.com/developer/index.php
Contact: [email protected]