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View Full Version : CwSync 1.3 Released

10-19-2003, 03:44 AM

Unleash the power of your Pocket PC with CwSync v1.3. Our new wizard interface allows you to keep your Pocket PC in sync with your life with just a few clicks. CwSync gives you the power that's lacking in Microsoft's ActiveSync®. CwSync is a plug-in to Microsoft's ActiveSync® that enables your Pocket PC to synchronize/download any type of data from the Internet or local workstation to any folder on your Pocket PC, including storage cards. CwSync also allows you to transfer registry keys, create shortcuts and start/stop processes on your Pocket PC and/or your workstation.

Common uses of CwSync include:

Keeping important data up-to-date in your Pocket PC.
Keeping your latest audio files close at hand on your Pocket PC.
Achieving zero touch deployment of applications in a corporate environment to all Pocket PCs.
And much more...

CwSync includes an API which allows creation of custom tools using any programming language that understands COM. Invaluable uses of this feature include the ability to:

Create macros within an Excel Spreadsheet that will transfer data directly to the Pocket PC.
Use CwSync's API to program intranet web pages to inventory and update Pocket PCs.
Enhance your applications by integrating them with a Pocket PC.
The new CwSync 1.3 wizard interface provides virtually endless possibilities with little effort.

Make your life easier by downloading CwSync now - free trial copy.

For more information visit www.cassioware.com

Keep your world in your pocket.