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View Full Version : XDA II (i-mate) is Available in Dubai!

Pocket PC Dubai
10-18-2003, 03:39 PM
HTC device known as the XDA II / MDA II was released in Dubai (UAE) in GITEX 2003 (http://www.gitex.com/main.html) exhibition from 18 to 24 October by Carrier Devices (http://www.carrierdevices.com.au/). There will be a presentation, and the device will be available for sale in GITEX Computer Shopper, also it will be available with PlugIns (http://www.plug-ins.cc/), fono (http://www.myfono.com/uae/), CompuMe (http://www.compume.com/), etc... This device will be labled as “i-mate Pocket PC Phone” Not Smartphone! This is the replacement for Qtek 1010.

The press release is here (http://www.carrierdevices.com.au/_pdf/press/PRCDL0007_GSM_ME_&_Gulf_Dubai_Oct_03.pdf)

“Carrier Devices, a world specialist in end-to-end wireless device solutions, announced that it has completed a strategic relocation of its headquarters from Europe to the United Arab Emirates, as part of its wider strategy to become the primary supplier of innovative wireless handheld devices for the Middle East.”

Both devices will be unlocked, SIM free. Since I’m working in Dubai I will be visiting Gitex. I was told by one sales representative that it is around AED 3099 thats $ 842

Click here to view the brochure (http://www.geocities.com/alashram/index.html)

If you are concerned about software or ROM update you visit this site to obtain the latest:


Pocket PC Dubai
10-19-2003, 08:32 AM
Check it out here: