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View Full Version : Phone Dashboard Minute Tracker Version 1.0 Now Available

10-14-2003, 03:54 AM
Track your Pocket PC Phone usage on a daily/monthly basis from your Today Screen. Includes configurable phone plans and alerts, graphical usage display, spreadsheet export, network info and more! (Download Now) (http://www.hudsonmobile.com)

Hudson Mobile Technologies LLC, a leading provider of software for networked mobile devices, is pleased to announce the release of Phone Dashboard Version 1.0, the most useful minute-tracking utility ever created for Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.


Unlike simple call logging applications, Phone Dashboard is the first application designed to intelligently classify your calls based on your actual mobile phone plan, generate useful statistics, and make them available with a convenient Today Screen interface so all important information is one or two taps away. This product is invaluable for casual users and professional users who need to separate personal and business calls - you'll soon see why Phone Dashboard has been called the "Killer App" for Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.

After an extensive beta testing period by dozens of users all over the world, Phone Dashboard is now generally available to all users of Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.

Key features include: Monitor your Pocket PC Phone usage on your Today Screen on a daily/monthly basis
Configurable notifications based on your cell phone subscriber plan
Historical log of all calls placed can be exported to spreadsheet for expense tracking
Graphical display of phone network usage
Displays current network settings including operator name and signal strength
Automatic tracking of daytime, night, and weekend phone usage
Calculates projected usage for current billing period
View detailed statistics in call log by date or number called
Phone Dashboard is now available for download for a free, seven-day trial. Users who enjoy Phone Dashboard's customizable interface and visibility of key usage information can register the product for $14.99. Registered users are entitled to free product upgrades, and some exciting new features are planned for future releases.

For more information and to download your trial version of Phone Dashboard, please visit our web site at www.hudsonmobile.com.


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